Sunday, January 3, 2010


With our Inglourious BoneBat Show 2009 wrap up episode only a week away, the time is right for us to reach back into the vaults for another classic webcast!

BoneBat Classics Episode 03: Unemployed, Uninformed and Unhinged REMIXED!

In this episode from December 2007, Steve and Gord discuss a stunning lack of job security, the mistaken beliefs of childhood, and things that piss them off, whilst chilling to the sounds of Sacramento's freakin' cool San Kazakgascar.

What's more, it's all remixed to a lustrous sheen for your listening pleasure! No "Gord-Shot-First" CGI enhancement BS here. It's all the amateurishness and juvenile humor you've come to expect from BoneBat, but with a few new never-before-heard moments, and it sounds a WHOLE LOT better. So please take this opportunity to revisit a BoneBat Classic!

Episode Three: Unemployed, Uniformed and Unhinged REMIXED!

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