Sunday, May 30, 2010


This week: A brand new episode of The BoneBat Show!

In Episode 47: Steve and Gord are blowin' up headphones, as they finally get out from Under The Dome, accept a Eurocentric listener feedback challenge, extol the virtues of With Sprinkles in a live interview with WA nerdcore rap powerhouse Beefy, and make Beefy feel good about himself, as usual. All this plus "What Pisses us Off", new Filthy Jokes, and Multimedia Triage reviews of Iron Man 2, Savages by Don Winslow, Naked States, Kick-Ass, George Romero's Survival of The Dead and the Blue Underground Blu Ray release of Lucio Fulci's City of The Living Dead, are yours to admire in this explosive episode 47 of The BoneBat Show!

The BoneBat Show!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hypocrisy Destroys Seattle! Film at 11:00!

This Week: The mighty Hypocrisy hits Seattle, touring with Scar Symmetry, Hate , Blackguard and Swashbuckle on the "Taste of Extreme Divinity" tour, and Bonehand is there! Without further ado:

Hypocrisy, Live at El Corazon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

NEW PODCAST: This Gigantic BoneBat Kills

This week: A brand new episode of The BoneBat Show!

In Episode 46: This Episode: Held in Rap(t) attention by the post-punk laptop sounds of San Francisco's MC LARS, Gord and Steve still manage to launch a brand new fusillade of What Pisses Us Off, half-assed political rants and Filthy Jokes. All this plus reviews of the film Kick Ass, A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel, the CDs Fart and Wiener Jokes by Brian Posehn and Prototype from Seattle's own Arisen From Nothing, and the latest Troma DVD Dark Nature round out this fast-talk-and-you-don't-stop episode 46 of The BoneBat Show!

The BoneBat Show!