Sunday, January 17, 2010

PODCAST REMIX: Stumbling from the Wreckage

Another one from the Vaults, since it IS January and all...

BoneBat Classics Episode 04: Stumbling from the Wreckage of '07 REMIXED!

In this episode from January 2008, Steve and Gord discuss what pisses them off: the year in review, the curse of the video game store, bad habits, and how to avoid tiger attacks; all while flipping the bird to 2007, and meeting the new year at the door in a sexy negligee, martini in hand, to tunes from TS Holub and Bonehand himself!

Plus, it's all remixed to a lustrous sheen for your listening pleasure! No "Gord-Shot-First" CGI enhancement BS here. It's all the amateurishness and juvenile humor you've come to expect from BoneBat, but with a few new never-before-heard moments, and it sounds a WHOLE LOT better. So please take this opportunity to revisit a BoneBat Classic!

Episode Four: Stumbling from the Wreckage of '07 REMIXED!

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