Sunday, October 11, 2009

PODCAST REMIX: More Horrific than Ever!

While we are still a couple of weeks away from the next episode of The BoneBat Show, I do have something this week for your listening pleasure. Since Gord and I have been doing the show, I have (arguably) become more proficient with my equipment (smirk). Since I have never been happy with the sound quality of our earliest efforts, I have decided to go back and apply some of my so-called "Skillz" to the BoneBat back catalog. So this week:

BoneBat Classics Episode 02: Oh The Horror REMIXED!

In our first Halloween Episode, Steve and Gord itemize their profanity, and discuss some history, Halloween rituals past and present, spooky movies, and extreme prejudice pest control, all remixed to a lustrous sheen for your listening pleasure! No "Gord-Shot-First" CGI enhancement BS here. It's all the amateurishness and juvenile humor you've come to expect from BoneBat, but with a few new never- before-heard moments, and it sounds a WHOLE LOT better. Please take this opportunity to revisit a BoneBat Classic! This episode features the music of Seattle's own Barefoot Barnacle!

Includes bonus cut: "Baby Got Brains", the Zombie Karaoke we did for Mail Order Zombie earlier this year. Apologies to Sir Mixalot.

Episode Two: Enter The BoneBat REMIXED!

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