Sunday, August 9, 2009

NEW PODCAST: Comic-Con-Clusion!

This week: A brand new episode of The BoneBat Show!

In Episode 30: Steve and Gord return with part 2 of their coverage from San Diego Comic-Con 2009, and it's all about the video games as they touch base with Dave Grossman of Telltale Games regarding Tales of Monkey Island; chat with Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp about Game 3 from The Behemoth, and discuss Left 4 Dead 2 with Valve's Chet Faliszek; while powered up with the 8-bit backing of Barefoot Barnacle! All this plus "What Pisses Us Off " and another round of Filthy Jokes are up in episode 30 of The BoneBat Show! Without further ado:

The BoneBat Show!

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