Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bonehand Plugfest!

There's a couple o' cool things going on this week that I wanted to mention. First off, Seattle shred-merchants (and Bone/Bat musical contributors) Barefoot Barnacle got a cool ass write-up in this week's issue of The Stranger Weekly. Check it out HERE.

Want to hear Barefoot Barnacle for yourself? Click the tentacles. You know you want it.

Barefoot Barnacle

Secondly, an epic Bonehand thank-you to the gang at Drunken Zombie Podcast, who saw fit to give this humble site a shout-out last week, going so far as to close out their latest episode with our own musical effort Mortgage of Doom! [song link]

Drunken Zombie
is in my opinion the finest Horror review podcast currently haunting the ether, so do yourself a favor and check their bad selves by clicking the Zombie below!

Drunken Zombie

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